We are spending so much time worrying these days.

I’m not saying that we weren’t already champions at it, but now it is our national pastime. Why does it feel so right?

I really had to spend some time with worry and seek out and think about the ways in which it was transmitted to me, what it was serving in me and determine if it was a way of being in the world that I wanted to stay with.

I decided that it was not, and still it was no simple foe. It was so much easier to keep doing it. It was a behavior I knew well, it was the familiar, releasing it would stretch me out of the comfort zone I was in. I didn’t even have to reach for worry, it was comfortably in my automatic play track. (Yes, I am dating myself.) A situation would come up and the worry song would start playing before I got a chance to assess what was really happening and the song was on endless repeat.

I didn’t have to think and call anything in to question, because worry had it all taken care of for me. “Of course, the worst is going to happen. Isn’t the world a worrisome place with so much danger out there? Doesn’t everyone worry? Isn’t it my right to worry? Besides, what am I going to do with my time if I don’t worry?” And with that question, I finally saw the problem.

I was being guided completely by what was familiar.

What familiar is guiding you?

  • Fear?
  • Blame?
  • Anger?
  • Regret?
  • Worry?

Has the familiar made itself at home in your life? Do you want to give it up? These are the questions.

What are your answers?

Tell yourself, then tell me. Let’s talk.

In Love,

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