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These 6-month programs are designed to change your mindset about conflict allowing you to courageously engage, effectively communicate and consistently achieve ReSoulYOUtions.
Conflict ReSoulYOUtions: Solutions that surface from your heart, soul and mind working together in harmony.
Choose one of my signature programs below and I coach you on how to use the best tools to get to the life you deserve, one in which conflicts and the emotions they induce are handled with ease and you ultimately end up having less conflicts.

My Signature Programs

My signature programs are designed with concentrated focus specific to your professional and personal needs in the following areas:
YOU will learn to widen YOUr capacity for understanding others in new ways, discover the influence of culture on conflict as well as develop powerful techniques for managing emotional content and triggers.
All of this leads YOU to the road to lasting ReSoulYOUtions created through authentic and fearless dialogue. This culminates in YOU taking note of new discoveries about YOU in conflicts, moving YOU forward in life from practice to continued action.
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YOU will learn how to develop a plan for handling family conflicts, how to listen to YOUrself and/or YOUr partner and practice ways to respond on a consistent basis. Discover who YOUr children are in and out of a conflict and how to intimately respond to them.
I teach YOU how to widen YOUr capacity for understanding YOUr family in new ways and how to be fully present with all the personalities and realities that shape YOUr family. This opens the door for creating options for communicating more effectively and developing lasting ReSoulYOUtions together as a family.
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YOU will learn why observing YOUr significant other during conflict is as important as focusing on them during YOUr times of intimacy. Watch YOUrself go from tweeted to heated to I have succeeded in engaging them in Courageous ReSoulYOUte Conversation. YOU learn to apply the powerful skills of strategic listening to achieve understanding beyond what YOU see or hear.
I show YOU how responding from a place of intimacy allows love to stay fully present. All of this leads to lasting ReSoulYOUtions as YOU move from practice to integrating this in to a better life.
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