Anti-Racist, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work For Leaders and Their Team


Here’s why leaders need a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant who is also a Conflict Resolution Strategist.

When a bias incident takes place in the workplace or the world, especially when it becomes public, businesses often respond with anti-bias or diversity training. While it is important to respond and these trainings are essential, there are some inherent traps set in this. Conflicts involving racism and bias are some of the highest levels of conflict that we can have. As a result, most people not only want to avoid, run from, and ignore these conflicts but are also incredibly unskilled at engaging in conversations about them.

Implementing anti-bias and diversity trainings without giving people the foundational skills for engaging in and resolving conflicts often leave your team without the skills to resolve the conflicts that arise when they attempt to use what they learned in these trainings. Learning how to skillfully and productively engage in and resolve conflicts is the missing ingredient for employees having productive and meaningful conversations in anti-racist and diversity trainings.

With this missing ingredient as a foundation, the difficult conversations around racism, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion can be had more constructively because when you are confident and skillful in conflict, you recognize right away the power a conversation can yield, even a difficult one. 



1 to 1 Intensive Work – 6 Hours

The work of creating a climate that integrates the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of business is deep and challenging work. Equipping you to be a leader with the capacity to engage in courageous conversations about the systems, policies, procedures, perspectives and behaviors that create inequity and exclusion requires dedicated coaching that also integrates the mindset and skill set of conflict resolution. This is the recommended starting point.


  • Audit of your climate, culture, values, message, hiring practices, services and relationships.
  • Assessment of where you are with conflict resolution and communication skills and your anti-racist and anti-bias work on yourself and with your team.
  • Conflict resolution skill work specific to creating conversation around anti-racist and anti-bias work.
  • Strategic planning and Implementation of solutions based on audit and assessment results.

Customized packages are available.

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TEAM WORKSHOPS – 2 hours each

These interactive series of workshops are designed to take on the challenges of creating conversations around anti-racist, anti-bias and diversity, equity and inclusion work in order to create systemic shifts in your work and workplace. Experiencing these as a team creates and strengthens communication, relationships and productivity while bringing everyone onboard and moving forward together. These are conducted quarterly and based on the audit outcomes.

Sample Topics:

  • How To Have Deep and Meaningful Difficult Conversations
  • The Foundation of Anti-Racist Work
  • How To Become A Company Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Top To Bottom Company Shift Using The Lens of Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Topics can be customized to the needs of the company.

Customized packages are available.

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ONGOING COACHING – 1 hour sessions

As the plan is shaped and carried out, ongoing 1 to 1 coaching plays an important role. The opportunity to check in, evaluate, measure progress, assess and correct mistakes, get feedback and strategize next steps assures that you are on track for meeting your goals.

This is ongoing work that requires a 1 year commitment for maximum impact.

Package includes:

  • 6 Hours 1 to 1 Intensive. 4 – 2 Hour Team Workshops
  • 6 Ongoing 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

Customized packages are available.

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The Leadership C.O.R.E. Coaching Program


Want to be a high performing leader who communicates skillfully and handles conflict confidently?

Want to be that courageous, skillful leader who powerfully engages in the day to day conflicts, as well as, the difficult conversations that need to take place?

I help leaders powerfully communicate and navigate conflict in a way that supports and helps everybody win.


My Leadership C.O.R.E. Executive Coaching is about setting you up to be that kind of leader as you lead or as you build your team.

In my business, I have learned that your business is only as healthy as your relationship and communication with your team. The key to Kick Ass, In Sync, High Functioning, Harmonious and Happy to work for your teams is a leader with a strong C.O.R.E.

Resolving Conflicts
Executing Excellence


I Work with High-Performing Leaders…

By diagnosing the problem areas, I help you tighten up your C.O.R.E.


Our C.O.R.E. supports us.

It is our center of everything that we do. In order to operate with confidence, ease and effectiveness, you need a strong set of leadership muscles that can support and strengthen you as you lead your team in building a successful business that will operate strong for a long time.


If you are struggling with:

  • Creating a diverse team that thrives on the challenges and different perspectives that each person brings
  • How to create a Performance Improvement plan that empowers people to want to produce better for themselves, you and the company
  • Hiring and retaining a team that works well together
  • Hosting difficult conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion or ongoing team conflicts
  • Building loyalty and longevity

I Can Help You.

Set up a 30-minute assessment call and let’s decide together if my Leadership C.O.R.E. Coaching is just what you need.

Email me at [email protected].

What My Clients Have Shared…

“Lynne Maureen Hurdle has helped me to listen more and not try to avoid dealing with what I need to look at with myself and my team. I can see one of my team members who is so much happier about the role she plays and we can really communicate about the hard stuff. Lynne did that.”
– Jennifer Kem, Brand Strategist and Marketing Expert, and the creator of Master Brand

“Lynne has helped me be a more inclusive leader, who better listens to the diverse views and experiences of each member of the Leadership Team. She has helped [the team] improve the ways we communicate, guiding us into our conflicts, using them as a collaboration tool… It’s hard work, but with Lynne’s strong hand, deep breaths, and smile we’ve come a long way.”
– Joshua Klaris, Executive Director North 10, Philadelphia

“Lynne, you are masterful at action-based learning and coaching. I’ve learned so much for you these past few months. Amaaazzzingggg!”
– Shawnee Benton-Gibson LMSW/FDLC, Co-Founder and CEO of (S.O.W.) Leadership Development Institute

“Lynne is a supreme communicator, she meets every situation with a perfect combination of keen intellect and a big, open heart. I have learned so much from her!”
– Achim Nowak, International Authority on Leadership Presence, Author, Speaker, C-Suite
Success Coach, Founder/Chief Convener BRILLIANT