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What My Clients Have Shared…

“Lynne Maureen Hurdle has helped me to listen more and not try to avoid dealing with what I need to look at with myself and my team. I can see one of my team members who is so much happier about the role she plays and we can really communicate about the hard stuff. Lynne did that.”
– Jennifer Kem, Brand Strategist and Marketing Expert, and the creator of Master Brand

“Lynne has helped me be a more inclusive leader, who better listens to the diverse views and experiences of each member of the Leadership Team. She has helped [the team] improve the ways we communicate, guiding us into our conflicts, using them as a collaboration tool… It’s hard work, but with Lynne’s strong hand, deep breaths, and smile we’ve come a long way.”
– Joshua Klaris, Executive Director North 10, Philadelphia

“Lynne, you are masterful at action-based learning and coaching. I’ve learned so much for you these past few months. Amaaazzzingggg!”
– Shawnee Benton-Gibson LMSW/FDLC, Co-Founder and CEO of (S.O.W.) Leadership Development Institute

“Lynne is a supreme communicator, she meets every situation with a perfect combination of keen intellect and a big, open heart. I have learned so much from her!”
– Achim Nowak, International Authority on Leadership Presence, Author, Speaker, C-Suite
Success Coach, Founder/Chief Convener BRILLIANT