Fearless Conversations: How to Engage in The Art of Difficult Conversations
Why do we avoid those difficult conversations? Perhaps, we put them off because we don’t have the language to effectively respond to people. Maybe things don’t go so well when we do engage with our clients, co-workers or employees.
Learning to listen and respond rather than react is the mark of a true leader. Learning the skills to handle even the most difficult issues such as gender, race, class, or religion are no longer optional in today’s global market.
Being in a leadership role makes it impossible to avoid crucial and challenging dialogue. Learn to be successful in engaging in difficult conversations instead of running away from conflicts.
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What Does It Mean to L.E.A.D.I.N?
What do our listening skills communicate about our leadership skills? Managers spend 80% of their time communicating. 18% – 40% of their time dealing with conflict.
L.E.A.D.I.N. teaches you to Lead yourself and then others. Leading from within creates more autonomy, productivity, happiness and less conflicts.
L.istening – Powerhouse listening techniques that take you from hearing to listening beneath the words to gaining a deep understanding of intent, meaning, feelings and significance.
E.motional Intelligence – Moving beyond people skills to becoming proficient in managing emotions, increasing influence, focus and problem-solving abilities.
A.wareness – Tuning in to triggers, instinct and the intelligence of feelings laying the foundation for resolving even the most difficult conflicts.
D.iscernment – Decision-making, information processing and knowing what to do next.
I.nteraction – Relationship building, motivating and understanding cultural differences.
N.ow – Being in the present and acting with confidence today.
I help managers to develop, sharpen and practice leadership through conflict resolution.
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The Challenge and Opportunity of Conflict
Looking forward to your next great conflict? Probably not. What if you could look conflict in the eye and welcome all it has to teach you? It’s all about how you look at it, having a strategy and engaging fully.
My workshop will start you on the road to doing just that. Interactive, Practical and Adaptable to your life. You will never look at conflict the same way again.
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Conflict, Culture and Connection
It’s time to actively engage in the discussion of how conflict and culture connect and affect us. When conflicts happen we seldom consider the fact that not only are our perspectives shaped by actual events but also by culture. Defining what is meant by both culture and conflict and exploring the natural relationship between them is both complex and compelling. Learning how to engage each other with culture in mind is both fascinating and frustrating but so worth the work.
This workshop is Interactive, Relatable and Timely.
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