Four years later, I still have to say this because things continue to get worse.

We need one mass day of silence
To catch our collective breath
Clear our heads in this mess
Massive bodies falling, broken
Too many prayers spoken
Not enough open truth about what’s really going on…
Planted so deep in the fabric of this nation
It never takes a vacation
Because this is where we live…
This is where we live…
This is where we live…
Yes, we need one mass day of silence…
So you can let that sink in
Before you begin
To name all the symptoms and not the wound.
Mental Illness, Gun Control, Video Games, Unformed Brains.
All to keep from saying?
White Supremacy.
Which is interesting to me.
Because White Supremacy has always been clear, about who
they are and why they’re here.
We need one mass day of silence to:
Breathe in the faces.
Too many for you to name for me.
Because killing is so abundant in our history.
When. Will. It. End?
When we are ready to work in earnest to break the foundation.
That has fear and hate built in to every institution in this nation.
But first, we need one mass day of silence.
To dig up the courage to emerge and “call a thing a thing”*
And admit.
In this country, White Supremacy has ALWAYS been King.
It never abdicated its throne to the presidency.
It’s always had permanent residency.
Yep! We need one mass day of silence.
So that our collective voices can then say with conviction
We are ready to conduct a permanent eviction.
That begins… by acknowledging this truth!

[*“call a thing a thing” – Iyanla Vanzant]

In love,
Dr. Lynne

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