“If you aren’t productively handling the conflicts in your life, you are creating more of the very thing that you claim you do not want.”

“Most leaders forget that your team is not just resources; they are people with skills, talents, lives and feelings.”

“We internalize conflict as something to be feared.“

“The way that we communicate is more of a cultural experience.”

“Communication is not the key it is the door.”

“Masterful communication can take the parts of conflict that everybody dreads and turn them in to learning experiences for everyone involved.”

“Often when a leader finds themselves checking every report, email, project or type of communication, there is a hidden trigger that they must uncover within themselves or there will be resentment and discontent among their team.“

“Resolving conflict powerfully and productively requires looking within and identifying where your triggers lie.”

“As parents, do we allow our emotional outbursts to our children to be unexplained, unresolved and unapologetic but require them to do all of the above when they lose their cool?”

“We can teach our children that conflicts can strengthen us and teach us so much about ourselves if we are open to listen, explore and be vulnerable.“

– Lynne Maureen Hurdle

Stay open folks. Pick one and chew on it for a while.

In Love,


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