“Mom, we need to talk,” my youngest son, Nai’im says. We are in the airport flying home from an amazing trip to Vegas where I received my Honorary Doctorate in Entrepreneurial and Business Administration.

“You have to own this doctor title. You have earned it and I want to hear and see you using it. You are on a new level now.” I smile and promise that I will and I also know why he is telling me this.

I don’t always own my greatness even though I constantly coach others to do it.

I do own this though. I’ve worked hard for forty years and I know that I am great at what I do. But there have been times when I have doubted myself and questioned whether my work is really making a difference and then somebody sends an email or gives me a compliment or posts a comment affirming the difference that I am making and I am all good.

But that is part of the problem and exactly why my son has pulled me aside to have this heart-to-heart. (I have great sons by the way and my niece is pretty special too).

My worth is not determined from the outside, it can be confirmed by it, but I must truly know my worth without it or I will never see all of my greatness.

Today, I honor myself and my work and encourage you to do the same for yourself and your work in the world. Your greatness must be celebrated.

I got to celebrate mine with my family this weekend and it was truly awesome. Now I get to model for them my owning and walking in that greatness every day.

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Wise words from a 21-year-old who is starting to discover his own greatness in the midst of a world that too often tries to deny him that power.

Let the world know how confident you are in your gifts and talents and what you’ve worked for and are offering to others.

Greatness is not kept to yourself, it must be used to help change the world for good and I am high-stepping in mine.

In Love,
Dr. Lynne Maureen Hurdle


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