Worthiness is a topic that we just don’t discuss enough. There are so many reasons that many of us feel unworthy. So much of it starts in childhood and adolescence and carries over into our adulthood. We experience imposter syndrome or cultural norms impart messages of we are lees than or are betraying our culture when we “move on up.”

All of this is why I love the talk I am doing for the Claim Your Worth Summit. I will be talking about Speaking Up For Yourself in Conflict: Coming From a Place of Worthiness. If you have experienced feeling unworthy, I invite you to participate in this free summit. There are so many amazing speakers and topics. You can check me out on Sunday morning, March 21st at 9:15 am ET. I really hope that you will join us here.








Being over 40 means you have experienced a lot of life and gotten into conflict quite a bit. It is in these years that you start to look back on your life and your relationships and how you did. I know for myself, there have been relationships who are no longer friends and while much of that has been for the better, they served their time and their purpose, some of those relationships either did not have to end or could have ended better.

In my work, I have talked with people who are estranged from family members and wonder how they can possibly repair those relationships. That is why I am speaking in the Leverage Your Life Summit on March 24th at 2pm ET on How to Have Conversations That Heal. Join me in this important conversation. It’s free, but I encourage you if you can to purchase the V.I.P. package so you can also have additional time with me live continuing my talk on this healing journey here.








It is an honor for me to participate in these two impactful summits. I am bringing conflict resolution work in a lot of new ways this year. Please stay tuned.

In Love,


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