And so does yours.

I gotta be real with ya’ll. There is so much wrong with our world today. There is plenty of work to be done and in every place that we are messing up, racism is at the foundation.

For some of you, that statement is just too unbelievable. But I stand by it, because it is true. You name a problem we are experiencing, healthcare crisis, mental health, environmental, injustice, agriculture, housing, education, the list goes on and on and the people that are affected the most are Black and Latino/Latinx, and Indigenous people. That is not because there is something wrong with THEM. It is because of a system that was not designed for them to have access to all of the privileges this country (the United States) offers to those who identify as White. Oh, and it wasn’t designed for people who identify as Asian either, but they are not at the bottom in almost every category, but they are definitely affected by it.

Hey, you may not like reading this, but if you’re still with me then let me offer this urgent message.

First, for those who identify as White, I am inviting you to consider what it is you are really doing as an ally when it comes to racism. Is what you are doing helping us to dismantle it? Is it helping you participate in conversations about racism in a way that does not frustrate your friends/co-workers who are most affected by racism?

If your answer to any of these is no, then please sign up for an interview for our next On The Matter of Race Journey that begins May 15th.

For those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latino/Latinx, or Asian. I need you to think about the relationship you have with your White friends. Are you able to have conversations with them about racism without having to tiptoe around the tough stuff? Are they doing their work to really learn about it beyond reading books or asking you about it? If you are a parent, are they prepared to teach their children to be allies to yours? If the answer is no to any of these, I urge you to share this blog with them and invite them to sign up for an interview.

It’s not easy for me to facilitate these 6-month journeys. It hurts immeasurably to see the images and the content of our history, to hear White people dig deep into their own upbringing, beliefs and actions and come to grips with the ways in which they have upheld or perpetrated racism. But it is worth it to see their growth. Clearly something is working. It is four years later since the first journey and nearly everyone who has just finished up a journey is re-investing in their growth by moving on to the next level.

Now it’s your turn. Maybe it’s you that needs it or maybe it’s someone you know. Level 1 is open for 12 courageous White people who really want to do the work.

Your Personal Invite – A transformational group experience by invitation only.

On The Matter of Race: For White People Committed to Beginning the Journey Together

Those who have been in an On The Matter of Race Journey have a lot to say about it.

Tara Before OTMR: Was taught that being nice was all that was needed in order to get along with Black people. She even spent her whole life making a common mistake that a lot of nice White people make.
*Watch her video after OTMR:

Kelli Before OTMR: Lacked any understanding of how systemic racism operates and was afraid to speak up and talk to other White people about racism for fear of backlash.
*Watch her video after OTMR:

Karen Before OTMR: Believed that she needed everything sorted out before she could have a conversation about racism so she remained silent. Like many White people, she wanted that “I can never fail with this checklist that just does not exist.
*Watch her video after OTMR:

Sarah Before OTMR: Saw herself as a “nice”, White person who believed that racism was episodic, not systemic and mostly happening in the South. She and her husband both came into OTMR afraid to but wanting to have conversations about racism especially with their White friends and their children.
*Watch her video after OTMR:

Now it’s your turn to either join us or invite someone to sign up.

Let’s not look back in ten years and still be in the same place or worse on this issue.

We can face and address this. The time is now.

In love,
Dr. Lynne

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