The 12 Days of Conflict 2022

It’s that time of year so I am bringing this back! We are all dealing with so much and conflicts and conversations are heating up. Let’s have some fun while taking in some really useful tools and techniques.

We are celebrating so many different holidays at this time of year. Some of us celebrate the ones that many are familiar with like Hanukkah and Christmas. Others are celebrating less familiar holidays like Ashura, Bodhi Day, Kwanzaa and Three Kings Day. Then there are those who celebrate no holidays, but hold this time as significant to entering a new year. Whatever your pleasure, this is often a time when we see more family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, but not this year and yet it is still The High Conflict Season.

During this time I want to gift this to you:

The Twelve Days of Conflict

Sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

On the 12 days of Conflict, The Conflict Closer Gave To Me:

1st Day: The Power of Expectancy
The state of thinking or hoping that something will happen. What you expect, you often get. Expect conflict, dread it, avoid it or yell at everyone.
The same thing will happen every holiday.

2nd Day: Two Caution Words
Assumptions and Grudges. Don’t assume we know what they mean by what they say and make sure you really aren’t holding a grudge. You think you’re not, but why did you ask that question in that way?

3rd Day: Three Best Friends
Pause, Breathe and Listen. They travel well together.

4th Day: Four Important Words
Why Am I Triggered? Something they said or did got to you. Your job is to dig within to find out why.

5th Day: Five Golden Things
1. Listen Beneath The Words
2. Paraphrase What They Said, Not What You Heard
3. Ask What Else
4. Get Clarity With Questions
5. Acknowledge Your Triggers

6th Day: Six Needs Worth Saying
1. Need for words to be Helpful
2. Need to not be Intentionally Hurtful
3. Need for Clarity
4. Need for Acknowledgement
5. Need to or for Apology
6. Need to Make Progress

7th Day: Seven Signs You’re Winning
1. You’ve Lost The Need To Win
2. You’ve Uncovered New Triggers
3. You’ve Identified The Roots of Your Triggers
4. Blame Is Not The Name Of Your Game
5. You’ve Found Common Ground That Can Move You Forward
6. You Are Both Laughing
7. You Can See And Acknowledge Your Role In How You Got Here

8th Day: Eight Words Worth Milking
We always want to jump in to make our point. Wait and then say these 8 words.
Is There Anything More I Need To Know?

9th Day: Nine Ways of Asking
1. Accusingly
2. Sarcastically
3. Begrudgingly
4. Judgmentally – These first four is how we often start out but we can move to:
5. Inquisitively
6. Invitingly
7. Openly
8. Thoughtfully
9. Compassionately

10th Day: Ten Thoughts Worth Keeping
1. We Can Do This
2. It’s Not Personal
3. I Am Learning From This
4. I Have To Like How I Handled Myself
5. I’m Not Trying To Be Right
6. Keep Listening
7. I Can Choose To End This If It’s Not Productive
8. What Did They Really Say?
9. Keep Moving Forward
10. It’s Worth It

11th Day: Eleven Why’s for Trying
1. Why not?
2. It’s gone on too long
3. It’s really hurting our relationship
4. It’s hurting this family
5. The next generation is carrying on this conduct
6. The younger ones are watching
7. It’s affecting my health
8. I miss the friendship
10. I need to face my fear of conflict
11. Co-workers are being affected by this
12. I need to practice my conflict resolution skills

12th Day: Twelve Words to Finish

It’s time for everyone to learn how to communicate more productively and powerfully in conflict.

Did you sing along?

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