Also known as American history that should be taught all year.

How we are living is just wrong ya’ll. I can’t and I won’t say it nicer than that. My ancestors are making their displeasure and anger known whether you can feel it or not.

I most certainly can!!!

How dare we as a country allow anyone to continue to try to hide and erase the history of slavery and lynchings and reconstruction and Tulsa and all of the destruction of Black cities and neighborhoods in the north and the Civil Rights movement and current day history and more?!!

Please let’s all educate ourselves and not stop. If folks are willing to go to such great lengths to hide the truth about this country’s history, then they know how shameful large parts of it are.

We can withstand the shame. White children can learn about what far too many Black children and adults had to experience. All children can learn about our history before and beyond Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And you know what? We can all come out stronger, wiser, and more unified from it, but you must be willing to face the truth and feel all the feels surrounding it.

Black history is American history and false pride is not going to change it.

Are you willing to learn the truth?

In Love,
Dr. Lynne

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