It's All Falling Apart. It's Time. - Lynne Maureen Hurdle

There seems to be two mindsets that I am encountering. One is that the world is falling apart and we are coming to an end. It’s all the bad that we have done and we are getting our comeuppance. This will not end well.

The other is a belief that everything is falling apart for good, because it was wrong to begin with and now we have a chance to correct and build anew.

The interesting thing is that we all do agree that it’s all falling apart. Everything is changing, many things are crumbling and even more things are being torn down. There are no hiding places, even our homes are not safe from the eruptions that are taking place on a global scale.


Not long ago I said that we are coming to a time of great conflict and that time is now.


We’ve been heading toward it like a runaway train for years and we have done nothing but step on the gas. I believe that this is where we were supposed to be heading even though I was shocked at the impact when we finally crashed. I didn’t envision the tumbling of society in the way it has come, but here we are.

The choices for many seem to be clear. It is us against them, good against evil, masks against unmasked, political party against political party, “woke” against asleep, and even newly “woke.” Everywhere we are told that it is a time for choosing. “Where do you stand? And there is no middle ground allowed.”

Looking around the choice may be so simple for you in the midst of fear, anger, anxiety, shock, disgust, confusion, desperation, exhaustion and a reaching for hope that seems so far removed from the current reality. I’m right, they’re wrong is the current refrain and we are screaming from the roof tops that it is all falling apart and we are at war.

Might I offer this: If we are at war, the tools are numerous and the strategies for when and how to use them are vast if we are willing to learn.


The opportunity for creativity has seen no greater moment, so let’s seize it.


Every problem does not need a hammer and every situation is not solved simply by conversation. Wait? Did I say that? Yes, I did. As a POC who is uniquely qualified to engage in difficult conversations, I know that some difficulties will not be resolved by my conversation and therefore I have to be prepared to defend and save my life.

It’s time for deep thought about who you are now and what are you moving toward?

It’s time for learning as many tools and strategies as you can for getting there.


It’s time for forgiveness to overrule revenge so there can truly be a letting go.


It’s time for holding people’s feet to the fire that was ignited by the heat of overdue justice simmering, simmering, simmering.

It’s time to recognize that it’s not all black and white, but what is Black and White must be owned and resolved.

It’s time to recognize your part in the falling apart.

It’s time to look beyond the old ways of doing conflict and create some new solutions.

What are you ready to do?

In Love,


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