In a world of celebrity envy, prosperity gospels, “make all your dreams come true in six months” webinars, “21 days to your best body EVER” and endless fast-fixes to the complex, multi-faceted problems that cause inner conflict in our lives, it’s easy to feel lost and lonely.

So many people I know are facing life-changing issues that are creating inner turmoil and sleepless nights. Measuring our success by the unresolved conflicts within ourselves leads to blame, shame and the desire to have someone else’s “perfect life.” But this one life is all we have right now.

The most valuable skill in any conflict you are engaged in, especially with yourself, is deep listening. After a particular challenge, my body was talking to me and trying to teach me something about myself and I needed to listen. Not judge, but really listen.

A friend who is an expert in energy and body-based therapies assured me that what was happening to me was natural, especially this time of year. It was a renewal of sorts. Taking the time to admit my emotional exhaustion and nurture rather than fight my body was the beginning of deep listening.

Answers surface when we let all of who we are have a voice in our lives.

Take a Step Back
Whatever consumes us controls us. Refuse to be controlled by what you view as your limitations. The inability to resolve inner conflicts is temporary if we do not allow them to make a permanent impression on us.

Do something with me please. Breathe in, visualize it and literally take a step back, breathe it out, leave it there and walk away. It’s there any time you want it back.

Practice Being Fully Present
Gary Zukav, a prominent and, I think, thoughtful author says, “We have to feel. Emotional awareness is the first step to spiritual growth.” In other words, being fully present allows us to tune in and actually experience our lives rather than the fantasy.

Taking in and feeling what is really happening as it is actually and currently happening helps us come to grips with reality and understand that answers will come. After all, if we look back at our previous challenges, we realize that they always have.

Adopting these life-giving strategies changed my week and… hey, that’s a great start.

Let me know how they work for you. In fact, let’s have a conversation in the comments section.

In Love,
Dr. Lynne

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