Here’s why you shouldn’t either

I know…. Pick your category.

I’m tired of talking about it.
Nothing will ever really change
With so many problems in the world, it’s hard to focus on one.
It’s too overwhelming.
I don’t understand why Black people make everything about race.

Or you can email me yours.

Either way, I know that fatigue, frustration, confusion, anger, numbness, anxiety, depression and pride have all become reasons to shut it down, disappear from the conversation, turn over the reins to someone else on this one or just bury your head in the sand and keep living life, but we must keep the communication going!!!

We miss a lot by not starting the conversation, continuing it, and developing strategies for coming together. I am having the conversation even more these days, not just because it is the work that we do, but because I am introducing it to more White people who honestly don’t understand the way that it negatively impacts society beyond just episodes of violence and terror. There is no understanding of the day-to-day impact for communities of color. So I begin the conversations.

For my folk of color who are experiencing the realities of living in a racist system, we are talking more about our own stuff, but I also have to turn the volume up on the fact that we don’t know enough about each other’s struggles and how to support one another in our own efforts to liberate our people. How do you truly stand against Anti-Asian violence if you are not Asian? Why is it important that we both consciously and unconsciously stop contributing to making indigenous communities invisible? Why do we need to understand that although racism isn’t only about Black people’s struggles the dynamics of anti-blackness are at the root of racism globally? Do we grasp that the Latino/Latinx/Latine experience cannot be boiled down to one ethnic group or one experience?

We need to understand the individual and collective struggles of marginalized communities and the strength, strategies and progress that we can have together.

People are having the conversations and want the conversations. That is why On The Matter of Race is hosting our second Free Online Summit at the end of the month and I want you with us.

My son, Justin Nai’im is hosting a groundbreaking conversation with his best friend since middle school who identifies as White. He and Max talk about racism and how it has and continues to impact, their friendship and their lives. That is a you do not want to miss this hella FIRE conversation!

We are really contemplating and going deep on the idea of going from ally to comrade with Dr. Linda Lausell Bryant who introduced it to us at our first Summit in July 2022.

We are engaging in real talk with some of our On The Matter of Race participants and we will not let them hold back. They understand the assignment.

We are shining the light on and pulling the covers off of systemic racism in business, criminal justice, parenting, education and so much more. Even if you think this is not for you, sign up. The truth is that those who think they know enough or have done enough often stand in the way of those of us who know there is always more to be learned and to be done.

I really want to see you live on March 30th and 31st. Come for all or a piece… but be there. Join us here.

Let’s do this together!

In Love,
Dr. Lynne

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