I know it’s time.

Everyone may not know this about me, but I am a very intuitive person and often get these “hits.” I have one about our On The Matter of Race Level 1 group.

Are you the one who has been putting off signing up to do your anti-racist work? We have one more space. Are we holding it open for you? 🫵

If it’s not you, but you know someone who really is ready, and just needs your encouragement to sign up then reach out to them now. Don’t wait.

If I have been getting the hit that there is one more person, one specific person who must do this now then someone else is getting that hit too.

Maybe it’s a parent.
Are you doing the work to make sure that your children can have conversations about racism with their friends of color?

We heard from so many White parents who are raising white or bi-racial children or Black children who really are concerned that they don’t know how to raise real allies in the work. They realize that Black children are not safe because of racism and Anti-Blackness.

So we decided to let you listen in on an important conversation that happened at our Summit between my son Justin’s good friend Max and Justin because it is real and deep… Listen in on their conversation here.

If it touches you, join us! Sign up for an interview here now.

Stop saying you will do it next time. Do it now. Level 1 closes on Saturday, May 13th. 🗓️

In Love
Dr. Lynne

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