Conflict Resolution 2022

Well, we made it!

It’s 2022 and it is not a dream, everything that is happening all around us is real and we here at Hur Communication Solutions (yes, that’s my business name) are ready to take things to the next level.

I am both dismayed and encouraged by the possibilities in front of us. Hey, I’ve been doing this Conflict Resolution thing since, whooo… for a very long time! I graduated from Syracuse University in 1982 with my degree in Public Affairs: Non-Violent Conflict and Change. I started working as a mediator in the evenings at The Institute For Mediation and Conflict Resolution, then located in Harlem in 1984. I got my first full-time gig in the field as a High School Mediation Coordinator for what was then Victim Services in their Project S.M.A.R.T. program.

That year was 1985. So, you do the math on how long I have been committed to the world communicating and relating to one another in the best and most honest ways possible. To quote the singing group First Choice for me, “This ain’t no game, it’s a love thang!”

I do my best to lead in love. That’s what we do here and this year we are taking it to a new level. I have great expectations for myself and all of you. I will not be asking you to do what’s easy, because the state of our lives, this country and our world is calling us to higher skill levels and I want to take you there.

Our On The Matter of Race Program for White people who want to learn about and do something about racism will move to serving 7 groups starting this month. We launch on Dr. King’s birthday holiday. It’s important to me that these 6-month journeys begin on significant and spiritual days for me. Starting with this journey, we’ve added a new feature, Fireside Chats with 3 amazing guest speakers. There are expansion plans for this to become one of the premiere programs doing this work. Our first start on that path is the official inclusion of Justin Nai’im Hurdle-Price. He is expanding his role from guest speaker in a few groups to guest speaker in all of them and come September, he will be co-facilitating with me in the journey.

We’ve got more plans on deck for OTMR, but I will let you in on them in good time.

Justin has been taking the lead on developing two new, fierce, results-producing workshops on communication/communication styles and working with anxiety/while anxious and we will be bringing those to you too. Reach out if you are interested in knowing more, we’d love to work with you.

In my blog ,“From Where I Sit”, I will be challenging each of us to up our conflict resolution skills, mindsets and conversations. I am still a student of it all and I am learning some fascinating, next level s**t, uh stuff (haha). I look forward to sharing that here.

I am coaching leaders and their teams, speaking on podcasts, writing and sharing with folks a new way of looking at and engaging in conflict and the powerful conversations that it offers up for us especially in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Oh, and I expect to be making lots of mistakes along the way, both at home and at work, so I am continuing to learn about myself in this work and you know… I will be passing those lessons on to you, just in case you want to avoid making them or just want to commiserate with me because you already made them.

And this is the year that we move into the Entertainment Biz. You know that I started out at Syracuse as a theater major looking to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming an entertainer or as I like to say “A Star”!! Well, I am getting back to that with a television pilot that I have been working on and plan to see on the small screen and a song co-written and produced by my genius producer and friend, Larry Dvoskin that is already out there waiting to be optioned.

I have so many ideas brewing, all in line with bringing you new and true ways to look at conflict and the opportunities it offers us to grow and to learn each other’s stories.

To do this to the fullest, I will be making the Big Move to Los Angeles later this year!

I have so much gratitude for my team, Jennifer, Justin and Sekai, and for all of you who have stayed with me or just joined me. We have a lot of work to do in order to do our part in bringing more love and productive conversation to the world. I hope you’re ready, because we sure are!

Are you ready???

Let’s Go!!!!!!

In Love,

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