Our grudges are getting in the way of our peace. I shared this last week. If you are ready to explore yours, then here’s a first step and two more to begin to let it go.

Ask yourself, “Where else is this showing up in my life?” Start there and do an honest assessment. It will take some time of really noticing and observing and truth telling. In other words, do you notice a reaction when someone else does something similar to you or reminds you of them and that situation?

Take a health assessment. Studies by the American Heart Association and The Harvard School of Public Health talk about the relationship between high blood pressure, heart attacks, stress and anxiety and holding grudges. Is any of that showing up for you? So, now you have to ask yourself, who is this grudge really hurting?

Take some time to try a releasing meditation. I mean it. There are some really good meditations specifically for doing this work. If it wasn’t so important for you to let go of grudges, there wouldn’t be so much information available about the harm they do. Here’s one I recommend – https://youtu.be/kdwp9E3zHtk.

Grudges are toxic, wasting our time, energy, health and causing unnecessary inner and outer conflict. Do the work to let it go and start to have peace like you have never had before.

If it helps you to know, I am doing it right along with you.

In Love,

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