Good Mourning! It's Time to Grieve - Lynne Maureen Hurdle

I’m looking around and listening and reading and observing and thinking and moving and planning and feeling and not feeling and sheltering in and wondering “what in the world???!!!!”

Aren’t you?

We have been through something! Goodness! And we continue to go through a whole lot more as a nation and the world, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!

Have YOU grieved that yet? Have WE grieved that? Have you looked back at 2020 and really taken in the year that it was for you personally and for the whole planet?

My good guess is that you haven’t. I’m just starting to now and WOW it is overwhelming, powerful, heavy and life-changing and it is still happening.

A Lot of Loss….  A. LOT. OF. LOSS…

Right now, I would love to see us all in some serious mourning because loved ones, livelihoods, mental and emotional states, family and financial status, history, and ways of being turned upside down.

If you, like me, tried to take the time to mourn and grieve the loss of a loved one, for me it was Warren, in the midst of having so many other tremendous things to mourn, it was not like what tends to be the “normal” grieving process. Everyone else is usually not in grief at the same time as you. There are usually people who can support you and tend to you, because they are not experiencing the same things at the same time as you.

But with 2020, we all experienced Huge shifts. Foundations were SHOOK! And we didn’t get time to intentionally and honestly grieve. Not that we are normally good at giving ourselves the amount of time we really need to grieve, but in 2020 too many of us were too shell-shocked to do grief justice.

And yet we are moving forward perfectly convinced that we have to, and I agree except…



Goodness folks, we need to collectively and intentionally mourn the loss of so many loved ones and so many ways of being that have changed, some never to return.

We need to:

NAME, NAME, NAME our loved ones lost and remember them and what they brought to our lives.

Spend time introspectively looking at and acknowledging the ways of life that have significantly changed.

Cry for the unkindness and tearing down of people that have been consistent throughout history.

Feel the pain, without numbing it or maybe you need to numb it, but at least start out really feeling it.

Let our collective scream out. LET OUR COLLECTIVE SCREAM OUT!!!

Honor that 2020 really happened and it was a GUT PUNCH!

Hold hands and take it all in for and with each other.

Continue to look in on, check up on, look out for and take care of each other.

Hold on to hope, love, faith and each other and admit the fact that doing this is not easy. How about we grieve that?

Give it time.

Don’t sleep on the importance of this.

Good Mourning Ya’ll! It’s Time To Grieve…

In love,


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