If not every day

Today’s talk is simple. I need it to be so that you might be convinced to give this a try.

For your next conflict situation, I want you to remember something. That’s right, I want you to say to yourself, Lynne wants me to remember something. What is it? I know it’s not for after I react or respond. It’s before, she wants me to remember:


Breathe In – Four second breath in, Four second hold

Exhale Out – Four second release breath out. Repeat Four Times

Feel – Sit in what you are feeling and really feel it. We often ignore, avoid or run away from how we feel.

Own It – How is it making you feel? Admit it to yourself, it’s making me feel like I want to punch someone, it’s making me feel inadequate, etc.

Reflect – What will happen if I do this? Is that what I really want?

Excellence – What is the most excellent response here for who I am?

Listen, if the most excellent choice for you after doing all of this is to choose violence then I at least have to be grateful that you took the time to walk yourself through this tool, perhaps you will keep using it and widen your options. If you do this and make a different choice, then I am glad the tool helped you to see other options.

Either way, we all have to be prepared for what happens on the other side of our choices.

What will you choose today?

In love,

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