Why we can still hope

It is some rough seas out here ya’ll and a lot of darkness. It saddens me that too many of us are losing hope that things will ever turn around for good.

I understand, but things don’t just turn around. You have to Make Change Happen.

And we are. I never realized that we could have such a tremendous impact, but people like Debbie Burns are stretching my beliefs.

Check out her story.

By the time you read this, my husband Joe and I will be flying to Washington DC to attend the very first On The Matter of Race Conference experience!!! And if I’m being totally honest with myself, I’m excited and scared. Excited to see Dr. Lynne and Nai’im live. Excited for the mind-blowing experiences and speakers I know they’ve planned for us. Excited to dive deeper into the work. And excited to meet and hug the incredible humans who have been walking this vulnerable journey with us for over 3 years. People with whom we’ve cried, released, been called in, and grown.

And I’m scared. Because I know Dr. Lynne and Nai’im are going to take us even deeper. That’s what they do. They hold up the mirror of whiteness and systemic racism and they demand we have the courage to stare at the reflection that we might see and know truth… that we might BE and DO better. It’s powerful and intense and necessary.

It’s why Joe and I keep coming back. We have to. We can’t unsee just how much is on the line for our Black, Brown, Indigenous and other friends/family members of color who are being impacted by systemic racism every single day. This work has become personal and we won’t turn away.

So while white supremacy is something we were born into, you better believe we’re gonna do everything in our power to choose out, burn it down, and build something better in the ashes.

And, right now, that means being at OTMR Live in Washington DC. Can’t wait!

Thanks, Dr. Lynne and Nai’im, you have infinitely blessed our lives.

Deb + Joe

Don’t you want in on making this kind of difference in the world? It’s not too late to support our work. This conference is going to transform folks and you can be a part of that legacy.

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I appreciate you. Let’s keep moving forward together.

In Love
Dr. Lynne

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