lynne-maureen-hurdle-the-conflict-closerPriority Retainer Services
Conflict Closer on Demand: Priority Retainer Services for leaders who need support in the moment on an ongoing basis.

One of the biggest requests I get is…

“Can I get the Conflict Closer in my ear when I really need you the most?”

My workshops, seminars, weekly coaching sessions and keynotes are great, but we all know that conflicts happen regularly and often when you are not expecting it. You do the best you can, but you know you would do better if you just had some expertise in the moment.

That’s why I offer my priority retainer services.

It gives you access to me and my knowledge and strategies for your specific conflict situations as they are happening. In other words, in those day-to-day conflicts… I’ve got your back.

Some of the real life conflict situations that my clients have used my retainer services for are:

“I had someone in my meeting who felt judged and expressed that they feel unsafe on our team. I responded but I don’t feel good about my response. Can I talk this through with you and strategize next steps?”

“An ad campaign and social media posts seem to have blown up in our faces and I really need to talk through potential responses.”

“A conflict that I have been putting off handling really needs to get resolved. Can you help me put together my first steps toward doing that?”

“I blew up in a meeting and it has caused tremendous tension. Do you have some time to coach me through this and help me plan my next meeting with my managers?”

“I am concerned about having a difficult conversation around bias and inclusion with my team. Can I talk specifics with you about what has led up to this and determine a course of action?”

“We have a big event in a week and everyone is stressed out including my event coordinator. Can we strategize some self-care techniques and also map out a plan with my event coordinator for handing conflict and motivating the team?”

This is just a sample of the requests I receive to help my clients as conflicts are happening in real time.

Choose my Priority Retainer Services and have the peace of mind of knowing that The Conflict Closer is within your reach.
Services include:

Unlimited access to me 7am – 7pm PT by:

  • Text or Email or Direct message (whichever one is your preferred method of communication) at that point we will decide whether we need to set up time to hop on the phone or zoom for up to one hour.
  • In-Person Coaching if in the NYC area available at extra cost.

It is a 90-day trial commitment and then after that six months and yearlong packages are available.

Other Custom Services:

  • In-Person Coaching in the NYC area
  • Live Events Support
  • Crisis Intervention Support
  • Retainer Services for up to 5 people on your management team

Contact Lynne at 718-924-9250 or to discuss this option for your business.