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Your Team Health Checkup –
The Leadership Assessment Tool


Your company/brand is a living, breathing, heart organism and You as the leader are responsible for its health. If any part of your team is unhealthy, your company/brand suffers. Just like with your own physical health, your company/brand needs regular checkups to ensure that everyone on your team (including you) is operating at their highest level.

In my business, I have learned that your company/brand is only as healthy as your relationship with your team. The key to kick ass, in sync, high-functioning, harmonious and happy AF to work for you teams is a leader with a strong C.O.R.E.

Resolving Conflicts
Executing Excellence

In my role as The Conflict Closer, I work with leaders who have teams. I diagnose and prescribe the best practices, solutions and healing to tighten up your C.O.R.E. in order for you to be the most effective leader. My work is about Prevention, Intervention and Transformation.

So here’s my question to you: How healthy is your team?

Take my free Team Checkup for Leaders and find out.

Just like a regular checkup, a successful diagnosis depends on an honest disclosure of habits, symptoms and deep pain. Give some real thought to the best answer you can give to each one of the questions in each of the categories. Get quiet, breathe and dig deep.

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